The End is Near for Tradeshow Blues

Iconic website to reach End of Life at 21 with a surprise twist of fate.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – April 24, 2023 – TrueMarket Group and founder, Jeffrey D Brown have announced the upcoming End of Life promo campaign for the historical and iconic website known as Tradeshow Blues. The platform recently completed an extended 20-Year Anniversary Celebration commemorating its long and storied run during some of the most volatile periods for the tradeshow industry.

Launched officially in early 2002, Tradeshow Blues was among the first online trade journals to emerge during the early days of Web 2.0. Unlike any trade journal that had ever existed since the beginning of trade journalism, its purpose was largely to divert some attention away from all the negativity of the times and help tradeshow folks to see their work and the industry in a little different light – a lighter light.

Tradeshow Blues (TSB) quickly became well-known for its slightly off-center, if not humorous and somewhat sarcastic look at the business. One of its popular taglines was “There’s no rule that says we have to be serious.” And it was frequently not. Traditional trade journal sections were usually recharacterized to fit the rather rebellious reputation of TSB. People News was referred to as Spill the Beans. News Briefs were called The Shorts. And there were many others.

TSB was not void of controversy. When it introduced its own certification program, the CTE (Certified Tradeshow Enthusiast), there was an almost immediate uproar among a significant number of industry heavyweights. They complained that the TSB program was not serious, and it mocked other certifications that required much more work to get those letters after your name. Of course, they were right about one thing – it was not serious.

While Tradeshow Blues has maintained a constant social media presence from 2008 onward, its main website was closed down in 2014 having seemingly outlived its time and usefulness. However, in mid-2021, the pandemic and an upcoming 20-year anniversary prompted a joyful return of TSB as a brand-new, modern-day website for a year-long celebration. The intent was to bring a smile and remembrance to those who lived in the Tradeshow Blues heyday. And for those who never knew about it, there was a belated introduction to a unique platform that was, to put it modestly, slightly ahead of its time.

The Tradeshow Blues Anniversary Celebration has ended, as has the pandemic. The industry is on its way back. So, the decision has been made to say goodbye to TSB for the last time. As such, the End of Life promo campaign is designed to give as many as possible in the industry an opportunity to pay their final respects to the little website that created quite a stir in its time.

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