Benton Bendables Hires Frederick J. Applebee

In a surprise announcement that took the industry by storm and highwater, Benton Bendables, the Sapperville, New York manufacturer of patented display screens for tradeshows and farming, has revealed the hiring of Frederick J. Applebee as Senior Director of Clarity and Purpose. In his new capacity, he will report directly to the company’s Executive Vice President, Benjamin F. Benton.

Applebee comes to his new job after a recent engagement with High & Mighty Cork as their Director of Examples and Empathy. With a sustained background in corporate viewpoint management, he brings with him a broad sense of encouragement and compliance.

Commenting on the hire, Ben Benton said, “We’re expecting a strong sense of clarity and purpose from Fred Applebee. In fact, the stronger the better. We know he’s the right person for the job and we welcome him.”

You can reach Frederick by phone or email or through the company’s website. We can also provide that information right here on this page if you so desire. Or not.

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Published On: July 4, 20210 Comments

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