What is Tradeshow Blues?

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Tradeshow Blues has always been something of an anomaly (one of our favorite words). Conceived during the Fall of 2001, during some very tough times, TSB launched in earnest in January of 2002. “And now for something completely different” was likely an understatement in describing it, even for us. But now, nearly 20 years later, it is much clearer. We were just a tad (or a skosh) ahead of our time.

Tradeshow Blues was among the first online trade journals (B2B) to emerge at the early beginnings of Web 2.0. But it was unlike any trade journal that had ever existed since the beginning of trade journalism. Its purpose (as described in The Long Road Back) was “primarily to divert some of our thinking away from all the negativity and help us to see our work and the industry in a little different light. A lighter light if you will.”

Today, as we return to full operation at TSB, our mission is much the same. There are obvious parallels to when we started it. But that is where the similarities pretty much end. We launched in the Stone Age of the internet. It is a vastly different world now and we’ve been very busy over the last 20 years doing many of the same kinds of things in other areas. So, in many ways, it is an entirely new ballgame.

Tradeshow Blues is about tradeshow enthusiasm. Our audience is comprised largely of tradeshow and event enthusiasts. Our tagline is Vital Information for Tradeshow Enthusiasts. And, of course, we determine what that is. We think our slightly off-center view of things is healthy for the industry… and you. But make no mistake, in the final analysis (which is only a figure of speech), Tradeshow Blues is all about you.

We hope you’ll stick around during this next year as we enjoy a year-long revival, renewal, regeneration, and celebration of 20 Years of Tradeshow Blues. It should be an interesting journey.

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